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A list of a lot of work, mistakes and some lucky strikes and blessings that had brought us thus far 


I'm curious!

One day my sister told me she was fed up with her job as an attorney, so she would quit and open a nail salon.

None of us had any clue on how you should open least of all run a beauty center, but I thought of a "million dollar idea": let's do an app so the beauty professional would come to you anytime you want!    

My sister didn't quit her job, but I still told Matt about the idea. Matt's a good friend and very good programmer, who also happen to be fed up with what he was coding... so he bought in and join the team. 


Back then a friend of mine was getting married in Italy, so I went for a week for his wedding... and never come back to the USA.

Davi, Founder

and then...


We worked like crazy from dusk till dusk, we finished the App and did a huge launch party!

How huge? Ridiculously huge... probably too naively huge: we basically spent all our
self-funded company money.

But hey, we had a good time. 

and then...



Nah... We haven't moved to the Bahamas (yet), but everything else did happen just as described.


Yet, in March 2018 we found out that Italian laws weren't keen on beauty services delivered at home (even if everybody does it), and instead of fighting the bureaukraken monster, we just grabbed a plane and moved to...

Chile! Yup, Chile of all places. I'm half chilean anyway, so we ventured here and why not... soon other countries.

¡Hola Chile!

The end... of part 1 ;)

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